My art is getting rusty

I need to get back in my groove but my computer broke so instead i am using my sister's computer

but we will share the computer so...i can't draw everyday afterschool like i used to



until i get money and get my PC fixed

i need to endure this...

I am always open to these

as long as my art will be used to something like a game or such

I don't really expect payment at the moment because i have no access to banks and such due to my underage



To put it simply...I AM BORED

I have been thinking for a while now and i think i am gonna start making Lewd art 

As to why...well, I just want to. Besides it attracts more people and it provides me

more of an audience.


Although i will be posting a lot of my usual art but that's just something minor


Also i will be often incative due to school work but as soon as i find some free time

i will draw whatever i can muster


thank you for the support so far